Spokes Moto Club

Another month has come and gone without a lot happening with regards to club events other than a wellattended and wellrun ride day, thanks again to the officials who made it happen.
The month kicked off with a round of the Aus Superbike championship, run concurrently with the V8 Supercars. We had three of our Tasmanian riders enter in the Prostock event , Kurt Sushames, Shaun Murfet and Josh King with all three competitive against the sponsored riders.

Congratulations must go to these riders.
Kurt was the best placed of the Tassie riders with a second overall and a personal best lap time in the 56’s, well done and display your trophy proudly, you deserve it .
While on the Superbikes I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members and non members who gave their time to help with the official duties over the weekend .

Over the last couple of race meetings and ride days we have had some interest shown from women riders who have expressed a desire to have a ride at the circuit with a view to competing a tour race days. Mike and Nathan Greene have kindly offered to make a couple of small capacity 125250cc machines available for new riders to try out .

In the last couple of months quite a few of the historic riders have been sourcing later model machines and appear ready to cross over to the dark side of historic racing (he says with tongue stuck firmly in cheek) the dreaded Period 6. These acquisitions should make for a very competitive class with some very close racing. Oh well, I suppose silly old buggers like me who stick with the slow old Period 3, 4 and 5 bikes will get lapped twice instead ofonce per race, but that will add some interest to the race.

Our next event will be the Ride day on the 19th May, hoping everyone can make it out there. I unfortunately can’t make it as I will be away but I hope everyone has a good da.

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