5 Common Mistakes In Paintball

Unfortunately there are several mistakes that can occur during a game of paintball. In this article, we will have a brief look at what these five big mistakes are and how they can be avoided.


1. Aggressiveness

A game of outdoor paintball is generally only won if you and your team manage to get to the other end of the field. This however, cannot be achieved if you are inactive or immobile. You and your team must get moving. To control another players, you need to move. Do not just sit there and do nothing. If you do nothing, you’ll fail to achieve the goal or your opponents will likely take you out.


2. Not Knowing The Games Rules

If you do not know the rules of the game or the features of the field, then you are likely to fail. Those who have played against you and who have won will have already understood how to play the game. Before you attempt to play the game, be sure to read the rules and know what the important features of the field are. You should know these off by heart. By playing as long and as often as possible, you will soon get to know what can and cannot be done. You will also understand the layout of the field.


3. Have Confidence And Get Yourself Mentally And Physically Fit

Always get yourself mentally and physically fit and have confidence before you go to play the game. If you have time before the game, do something that will help you to endure. Try going for a good run around some blocks near your home a few times. This will help increase your fitness. It will also train you for a paintball game. Such exercise will also develop your confidence.



4. Selfishness

Paintball is a team sport. This means that there will be several people playing the game with you or against you. If those who are on the same page as each other are put on the same team, then they are sure to win. However, if one person assumes that he is the best player out of the lot, then the rest of the team will get hurt and will be put in danger. Always pay attention to the referee. The referees do not miss anything. So do not think that you can cheat. You cannot win a complete game on your own. Your whole team must be involved. There are no such thing as the best players in a team. If three opponents are shooting at you in the Snake, then you should allow the rest of your team to win the game on the Teabag side. A team can lose together, and they can win together.


5. Being An Egoist

Communication is a must in this game. If you knows something that others do not, then this must be shared. This can only be shared if you tell others about it. Paintball involves decisions and choices. This can only be done if somebody knows what is happening on the field. Always talk about what is important. American Paintballers for instance, know how to communicate on-field. It is worth watching them if you want to learn more about this. In order for good team work, there must be good communication. This is incredibly important.