Spokes Moto Club

Another month has come and gone without a lot happening with regards to club events other than a wellattended and wellrun ride day, thanks again to the officials who made it happen.
The month kicked off with a round of the Aus Superbike championship, run concurrently with the V8 Supercars. We had three of our Tasmanian riders enter in the Prostock event , Kurt Sushames, Shaun Murfet and Josh King with all three competitive against the sponsored riders.

Congratulations must go to these riders.
Kurt was the best placed of the Tassie riders with a second overall and a personal best lap time in the 56’s, well done and display your trophy proudly, you deserve it .
While on the Superbikes I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members and non members who gave their time to help with the official duties over the weekend .

Over the last couple of race meetings and ride days we have had some interest shown from women riders who have expressed a desire to have a ride at the circuit with a view to competing a tour race days. Mike and Nathan Greene have kindly offered to make a couple of small capacity 125250cc machines available for new riders to try out .

In the last couple of months quite a few of the historic riders have been sourcing later model machines and appear ready to cross over to the dark side of historic racing (he says with tongue stuck firmly in cheek) the dreaded Period 6. These acquisitions should make for a very competitive class with some very close racing. Oh well, I suppose silly old buggers like me who stick with the slow old Period 3, 4 and 5 bikes will get lapped twice instead ofonce per race, but that will add some interest to the race.

Our next event will be the Ride day on the 19th May, hoping everyone can make it out there. I unfortunately can’t make it as I will be away but I hope everyone has a good da.

8 extreme sports to try before you die

Are you in constant search of adrenaline, seeking the thrills? Attracted by the challenges? If so, you are an ideal candidate for extreme sports. Good thing: Their are many activities for adventurers who are not afraid of anything.



1. Hang Gliding or Paragliding

Every dream that you can fly like a bird? Make it a reality, and realise this dream with hang gliding or paragliding. Start by leaping from a suitable platform perched on a cliff and fly for a few minutes or hours, depending on your desire and updrafts. There are few well-equipped sites across Australia offering introductory flights.

Motorised versions hang Gliders “wings” are also available. You can then choose between a hang glider with a small motor or attach a cage containing a lightweight motor on your back.


2. “Skydiving” – jump out of a plane

This is probably the most famous extreme sports. Just jump into the void, from a plane, to meet, a few minutes later, on dry land. Once the first jump has been completed, you’ll likly be thinking only one thing: ‘When can I jump again!”  There is skydiving schools around Australia, and the world. A simple online internet search will put you in-touch with your local flight school.


3. “Rafting” – on the rapids

Some rivers slowly flow into or from the ocean, others are more intense and stand out for their fast flowing rapids . It is precisely these rivers that attract thrill seekers. In a kayak or a raft,  face the swirling water, alone or in group. Try it at least once in your life and try and live through it to tell the story.


4. “Surfing” – ride that wave

This extreme sport is becoming more and more popular over the last decade. The challenge is to catch a wave, lying on a surfboard, then trying to stand up. You will be thrilled, guaranteed!


5. “Skiing & Snowboard” – Slide down hill

Everyone knows downhill skiing. But some more extreme foke choose to leave the marked trails to explore the downhill less trotted. Just find the proper slope and navigate through narrow paths avoiding threatening rocks and trees. Get to your closest ski resort where several centimeters of powder snow await you (hopefully). Adrenaline guaranteed!


6. “Climbing” – Quick, scale that wall

You’ll find indoor rock climbing walls in several locations, other climbers scan the outdoor landscape in search of rock walls to climb. For this sports, simply find the perfect site and make sure to be equipped with all the safety stuff.

This extreme sport has two pendants: ice climbing is practiced on frozen walls and canyoning, which is to descend into a ravine. Preferably along a cascade ‘water. Avoid if you have vertigo.


7. “Paint-balling” – War with friends

Theft, hostage taking, little war between friends. Paintball centers give you the opportunity to have fun in a spectacular setting. Some centers are small indoor locations, while others are vast outdoor fields.


8. “Mounting Biking” – On ya bike

Challenging rocks, mocking the roots, avoid the trees and down the steep slopes, this is the dream of every mountain-biker . Even less extreme couples will enjoy the slopes . There are even professionally organised events you can participate in.  Some organisers even add a night race in their program. Thrills guaranteed!

How to improve your rock climbing

You find you are not progressing enough? Have you stagnated in your level? Do not worry, we’ve all been there. Here are 10 tips to take the bull by the horns and make progress in climbing!


How to progress in climbing?

Warning, this simple advice. Not a shortcut to success.

Climb more often

It seems logical and essential but it is true, and that in all sporting disciplines to progress you have to train (and thus climb).

If you climb once a week, you will definitely end up stagnating at some point, or at least, you will progress much slower than others who train 3 or 4 times a week. I’d advise you to increase your training frequency (3x per week seems a good rhythm to progress without to much physical strain).

Some will tell you they climb for fun..
In my case, a successful wall climb on which we spent several sessions gives us a real sense of fun and extra motivation. That would mean, logically, we have made ​​progress (at least on the block in question).

Climb several times a week OK, but how long and how?

More sessions will be your intense (motivation, adrenaline, physical effort, time) the more it will be effective (provided you observe the days of rest).

The ideal would be to climb 1 to 2 hours with a few small breaks.

5 Common Mistakes In Paintball

Unfortunately there are several mistakes that can occur during a game of paintball. In this article, we will have a brief look at what these five big mistakes are and how they can be avoided.


1. Aggressiveness

A game of outdoor paintball is generally only won if you and your team manage to get to the other end of the field. This however, cannot be achieved if you are inactive or immobile. You and your team must get moving. To control another players, you need to move. Do not just sit there and do nothing. If you do nothing, you’ll fail to achieve the goal or your opponents will likely take you out.


2. Not Knowing The Games Rules

If you do not know the rules of the game or the features of the field, then you are likely to fail. Those who have played against you and who have won will have already understood how to play the game. Before you attempt to play the game, be sure to read the rules and know what the important features of the field are. You should know these off by heart. By playing as long and as often as possible, you will soon get to know what can and cannot be done. You will also understand the layout of the field.


3. Have Confidence And Get Yourself Mentally And Physically Fit

Always get yourself mentally and physically fit and have confidence before you go to play the game. If you have time before the game, do something that will help you to endure. Try going for a good run around some blocks near your home a few times. This will help increase your fitness. It will also train you for a paintball game. Such exercise will also develop your confidence.



4. Selfishness

Paintball is a team sport. This means that there will be several people playing the game with you or against you. If those who are on the same page as each other are put on the same team, then they are sure to win. However, if one person assumes that he is the best player out of the lot, then the rest of the team will get hurt and will be put in danger. Always pay attention to the referee. The referees do not miss anything. So do not think that you can cheat. You cannot win a complete game on your own. Your whole team must be involved. There are no such thing as the best players in a team. If three opponents are shooting at you in the Snake, then you should allow the rest of your team to win the game on the Teabag side. A team can lose together, and they can win together.


5. Being An Egoist

Communication is a must in this game. If you knows something that others do not, then this must be shared. This can only be shared if you tell others about it. Paintball involves decisions and choices. This can only be done if somebody knows what is happening on the field. Always talk about what is important. American Paintballers for instance, know how to communicate on-field. It is worth watching them if you want to learn more about this. In order for good team work, there must be good communication. This is incredibly important.